Smart Cool Technology

Authorized Agent for Smart Cool Systems in Ontario

Fortune 500 companies and top brands have installed Smart Cool technology around the world to reduce electricity consumption in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.

This Canadian technology produces significant monetary savings and a payback in one to two years.

Investments in Smart Cool produce an IRR of 25 to 45%.

Cooling commercial and industrial buildings in summertime with roof top air handling units or large commercial chillers is more costly to operate as electricity costs rise.

Smart Cool devices analyze the cooling cycle and reduce compressor run-times. Smart Cool technology focuses on an important aspect of cooling systems most other energy savings solutions ignore – the suction pressure of the system.

By controlling the suction pressure, we increase compressor COP, allowing the compressor to run less, while achieving cooling set points.

Because the compressor runs less frequently, it consumes less electricity, and costs less to operate.

Set point temperature is always satisfied, and the compressor does not short-cycle.

Smart Cool technology typically pays for itself within 3 years, and its performance can be monitored and verified in real time with the use of CTs. The performance of one installation can be seen below.


Simply send us a spreadsheet detailing your company’s roof top air handling units, tonnages, etc and we will provide a free estimate of costs, likely annual kWh and $ savings.

Pairing Smart Cool technology with Net Metered Solar PV is an even smarter step.