A Superior Investment

Net Metered Solar

Alectric provides turn-key design-build services for the most challenging net metered solar projects in Ontario. We build the projects that the other solar developers cannot build, including BIPV, and solar projects on multi-story, wood-framed structures. All of our clients have a rea-time view of project progress via the cloud-based project management system we built ourselves.

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Smart Cool Technology

Alectric is partnered with SmartCool Systems in Ireland to deliver their energy saving technology to commercial property owners operating heat pumps and commercial refrigeration systems. Smart cool technology controls the suction pressure in commercial refrigeration systems, improving COP, reducing compressor run times, and resulting in less electricity expenditure for the same amount of work.

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Energy Metering and Monitoring

Alectric supplies Centrica’s Power Radar system for energy metering and monitoring using a system of wireless CTs and a powerful online monitoring platform.

Air Test

Alectric is deploying Air Test’s CO2 sensors in commercial buildings to reduce requirements for ventilation in commercial buildings with variable rates of occupancy.