Alectric Renewables Ltd. Ireland


We deliver bankable results for RESS1 project developers.

Alectric Renewables Ltd. is a full wrap solar EPC specializing in the construction of 5 to 20 MW solar ground mount PV projects in the Republic of Ireland under the Renewable Energy Support Scheme. Our deep experience with solar ground mount projects in both Germany and Canada is unmatched in the Irish solar PV market.

 Alectric provides a full wrap for RESS 1 projects on the island of Ireland in 5 to 20 MW project increments.

 55 Euro Cents per Watt / 5MW

 Our unbeatable price includes engineering, and all civil, electrical, mechanical works, delivered via our deeply experienced construction partners in Germany, Canada and Ireland.


 We offer the complete fit out of EBOP to electrical substations for each project. EBOP is included in our 55 Euro Cent / Watt price



Alectric thinks about construction creatively. Innovation at all stages of the construction project lifecycle allows us to pass along cost reductions and new solutions to our developer clients. We are able to respond to a rapidly changing environment.

We meet the inevitable challenges of commercial construction such as delays, schedule changes and various permitting and procurement issues with creativity and a positive, can-do attitude. Alectric is always looking for creative solutions which allow our partners to build better, faster and smarter.


All Alectric staff are active in creating a safe and healthy work environment. Ongoing health and safety education, training, monitoring and reporting contribute to our spotless record.

For each of our projects, we conduct a pre-project safety assessment, and develop a detailed health and safety plan, which is put into action on the job every day.